Texas A&M Women's Soccer Team Develops Explosive Speed and Agility in the adiPure Trainer

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When it comes to speed training for the Texas A&M women's soccer team, knowledge is power.

"Whether you're a goalkeeper, midfielder or defender, we emphasize linear speed, vertical jump, change of direction, and most important, teaching the girls how to move correctly," says Paul Sealey, strength coach for the Lady Aggies soccer team.

Learning how to execute proper movement patterns got a whole lot easier with the adiPure Trainer, adidas's new barefoot training shoe designed specifically for use in the weight room.

For female soccer players, developing ankle strength, ankle stability and foot strength are the keys to performing correct movement patterns on the pitch. In other words, stronger feet and ankles make a more explosive and agile player.

"Developing the foot and ankle to withstand the rigors of soccer is very important," Sealey says. "The adiPure Trainer allows us to train the muscles in the feet and the proprioceptors in the ankles, helping us cut down on injuries."

The Aggies use the AdiPure Trainer when performing speed ladder patterns, skipping drills and lower-body strength exercises, all of which are displayed in the video above. Above, Coach Sealey talks about his training philosophy and how the adiPure barefoot trainer benefits female soccer players.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock