Texas Basketball Coach Shaka Smart Reveals the One Person Who Had the Biggest Impact On His Coaching Style

Shaka Smart believes his mother, Monica King, is the greatest coach he's ever had because of the values she instilled in him.

Shaka Smart - UT

University of Texas head coach Shaka Smart's "havoc" style of basketball in characterized by an up-tempo offense and extensive use of the full-court press. It's an aggressive brand of play, one that Smart has used with great success over his career.

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At the recent Nike KD9 launch event in Austin, Texas, Smart was asked who influenced his unique coaching style. One might've expected him to dive into Xs and Os, but Smart took the question in a different direction.

"My number one influence in coaching is my mom, even though she's never coached a game in her life. But she's the one who taught me to value the things that we try to teach in our program and make very, very important to our players," Smart said.

Smart was largely raised in a single-parent household by his mother, Monica King. He credits her with teaching him the values and qualities he looks to instill in his players. His five core values are appreciation, enthusiasm, competitiveness, unselfishness and accountability. According to an interview with NBCSports, those values came directly from his mother. "She pretty much shaped what I care about and what I value," Smart said. Respecting those five values will take you far, not only in sports, but also in life.

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