T&F Motivation Tips

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Another grueling season of smoking opponents on the track is over. While enjoying the summer poolside sounds pretty good, you know that next season is right around the bend. For some tips to keep your mind right and motivation fresh over the next few months, we hit up University of Georgia sprints and hurdles coach Jon Stuart

Bottle up the feeling you had after your last meet. Let this be your motivating tool for the next year," Stuart advises. If you ended on a high note, you'll be fired up to continue working hard for next year. And if your last performance disappointed you, you'll work hard to avoid a repeat.

Have goals, and revisit them regularly. "Always have long-range goals," Stuart says. "Those will be some of the things that will motivate you to work out and do things a little better during the summer."

If working out is the last thing on your mind, take time to learn your sport. "Know who your competition is. Read up on training and on the different physiology involved. Being a good student of your sport will make you a smarter athlete."

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