The 11 Craziest Plays From NFL Week One

An insane strip, a jaw-dropping touchdown run, and a 69-yard punt are just some of the many highlights from the first week of NFL action.

Michael Dickson's 69-Yard Punt

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Michael Dickson\'s 69-Yard Punt

The Seattle Seahawks fell to the Denver Broncos in Week 1, but a new star emerged on their roster.

Rookie punter Michael Dickson averaged a booming 59 yards per punt over his six punt attempts and pinned Denver inside their own 20 on four occasions.

According to Pro Football Reference, it was just the second time in league history a punter had totaled six or more attempts and averaged more than 59 yards per punt.

Standing on his own 15-yard line, Dickson unleashed a monstrous 69-yard punt that put the Broncos in the shadow of their own end zone:

That's an amazing display of precision and power.

Punters don't get much love, but the Australian-born Dickson is the type of weapon that can flip field position every time he takes the field.


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