The 11 Craziest Plays From NFL Week One

An insane strip, a jaw-dropping touchdown run, and a 69-yard punt are just some of the many highlights from the first week of NFL action.

The Eagles Go Back to 'Philly, Philly' to Clip the Falcons

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The Eagles Go Back to \'Philly, Philly\' to Clip the Falcons

You've heard the words "Philly, Philly" about a million times since the Philadelphia Eagles used the trick play to help them triumph over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

The Atlanta Falcons surely had.

Yet they still allowed the Eagles to beat them with a similarly designed play during their Week 1 clash:

According to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, this play was "Philly, Philly" in their playbook (the Super Bowl play was technically "Philly Special" in their playbook, but was also referred to as "Philly, Philly").

The Eagles went on to score a touchdown on the same drive and won the game, 18-12.

Some keen-eyed viewers pointed out that the Patriots employed the same play during Super Bowl LII, yet Tom Brady couldn't come down with the catch.


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