The 21 Fastest Athletes in Pro Sports

Since the dawn of sport, speed has been an advantage. These 21 pro athletes have the type of blazing speed that strikes fear into the heart of their opponents.

John Ross

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John Ross

This list wouldn't be complete without the reigning NFL 40-Yard Dash champion. 

John Ross was hampered by injury during his rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals, but when healthy, there may be no man faster in pro sports. 

Ross believes much of his speed is God-given, as he was outrunning 10-year-olds at age 6. But you don't get to a 4.22 40-Yard Dash without putting in work. 

Hard work in the weight room helped him build a lower-body akin to a centaur, and tweaks to his sprinting form (such as keeping his ankle dorsiflexed during his foot strike) helped him clock his eye-popping 40 time. 

Ross may have never gotten into football if it wasn't for Snoop Dog. 

The rapper noticed a 9-year-old Ross zooming through the parking lot outside a youth football game. Snoop approached Ross about playing in his league, Ross gave him his mother's number, and soon enough, Ross was a member of the Compton Titans of the SYFL. 

The talent level was elite, but Ross still stood out. Snoop Dogg recounted Ross's first game with him to NFL Network. "The first game I took him to was in the Pontiac Silverdome for an all-star game," Snoop said. "He ran for three touchdowns and 165 yards at 9 years old." Ross played in the league for three years and became a "Snoop Youth Football League legend" (Snoop's words, not mine)

Ross has also spent time training with noted speedster DeSean Jackson. During their sessions together, Jackson taught Ross how to smartly implement his speed for maximum effectiveness. 

"He showed me how to control my speed," Ross told "Before [training with DeSean], I just figured, I'm faster than this guy, so I can just outrun this guy. That doesn't work all the time . . . it was good for me to get with DeSean and learn how to use [my speed] and when to use it and when to turn it on and when to turn it off."

If Ross can get healthy, his blinding speed could make him a nightmare for NFL defenses.