The 21 Fastest Athletes in Pro Sports

Since the dawn of sport, speed has been an advantage. These 21 pro athletes have the type of blazing speed that strikes fear into the heart of their opponents.

Billy Hamilton

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Billy Hamilton

Since he entered the MLB in 2013, Billy Hamilton has been synonymous with speed. 

Over the last four seasons, no player has stolen more bases than Hamilton. 

While the Cincinnati Reds centerfielder doesn't have a great bat (he's a career .243 hitter), his speed allows him to turn routine ground balls into infield singles on a regular basis. 

Like Buxton, Hamilton's speed also gives him unbelievable defensive range. He already has four five-star catches this season, tying him for the most in the MLB.

He recently made one of the most impressive catches you'll ever see, somehow turning a surefire double into an out. 

Back during his days at Taylorsville High School (Taylorsville, Mississippi), Hamilton was a star athlete. He earned an offer to play football at Mississippi State as a receiver, and several of his old coaches believed he could've gone pro in basketball, as well.

While Hamilton was known for his speed by the time he hit high school, he says he lost plenty of races growing up.

"I really wasn't the fastest always growing up," Hamilton told WDAM. 

"Everybody thought that. 'I know you was the fastest growing up your whole life.' No, I had athletes around me still to this day that I would say are way faster than me. One of them is my sister. She used to just out-run me all the time. It just hits me once I get in the game. I'm really a big-time game-speed guy. When I get in the game, I feel like it's motivation. I got to get this done, I have to do this, I have to make things happen."

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first Billy Hamilton to display sublime speed on the base paths. William "Sliding Billy" Hamilton swiped 111 bases in 1891 for the Philadelphia Phillies.