The 13 Greatest Super Bowl Ads Ever Created

The Super Bowl is the biggest stage advertising can offer, and these commercials knocked it out of the park.

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Advertising during the Super Bowl has become a colossal business.

In 2002, it cost $2.3 million to run a 30-second spot during Super Bowl XXXVI.

By 2018, that number had more than doubled.

During last January's Super Bowl LII, 30 seconds of air time cost over $5 million. That works out to $166,666 per second.

That's not even counting the budgets sunk into producing the commercials themselves, which are often titanic.

But there's a reason brands are willing to spend big money on Super Bowl commercials—eyeballs. 

Over 110 million people now tune in for the big game each year, offering an incredible opportunity for exposure.

These 13 commercials took advantage of that massive stage and thrilled us with some of greatest ads ever created.

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