The 6 Greatest 'Flu Games' in Sports History

Everyone remembers MJ's iconic flu game, but a number of other stars have delivered strong performances despite severe illness.

2. Tex Tosses His Cookies, Launches Two Dingers

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2. Tex Tosses His Cookies, Launches Two Dingers

Racking up two home runs and six RBIs in a single game is an awesome day at the office.

But to do it when you've been puking your guts out for the last 24 hours?

Well, that's a feat only Mark Teixeira can claim to have accomplished.

Heading into the game, Teixeira—who at the time was a recent acquisition by the Atlanta Braves—was dealing with the effects of a nasty stomach flu.

Any time he tried to eat something substantial, it ended coming right back up. The only foods he could handle were eggs and dry toast.

Yet somehow Tex had the energy to smack two dingers, one of which measured a monstrous 451-feet.

After the game, Teixeira offered interesting insights about his performance to

He said, "When you [play with the flu], for some reason you get more focused, because you know you can't do everything you're used to doing. You're slower and your body hurts a little bit. So you focus and you're going to have nights like this."

It's a unique way of looking at things, but I think most players will elect to stick with the whole not-vomiting approach.

While Tex retired with 403 career home runs, he'll always remember the two he hit during his "flu game".