The 6 Greatest 'Flu Games' in Sports History

Everyone remembers MJ's iconic flu game, but a number of other stars have delivered strong performances despite severe illness.

3. Pneumonia Can't Keep Favre Off Field

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3. Pneumonia Can't Keep Favre Off Field

When you start 297 consecutive games over 19 NFL seasons, you're bound to play through some less-than-ideal circumstances.

Brett Favre kept his unparalleled consecutive start streak alive through broken bones, separated shoulders and concussions.

He always found a way to deal with discomfort and often thrived in spite of it. Such was the case on Nov. 29, 2010, when Favre strung together a winning performance despite a nasty illness.

A member of the Minnesota Vikings at this point in his career, Favre had struggled with symptoms all week.

It was at first believed to be a sinus infection, but when his symptoms worsened, he stated he believed he had pneumonia. Whether it was pneumonia or not, for a tough guy like Favre to feel that bad, it had to be pretty rough.

On the Saturday before the game, he was given a steroid pack and an injection in a last-ditch effort to fight off the illness.

But the sickness was stubborn, and Favre didn't feel much better when he woke up on Sunday. But that didn't stop him from suiting up and starting at quarterback.

Despite his illness and temperatures that dipped into the mid-30s, he delivered a gutsy performance and led his team to victory. His stat line included a 10-yard scramble for a crucial first down.

"It was 10 yards? Really? It felt like 50," a hoarse Favre told ESPN after the game.

Favre's consecutive starts streak ended just two weeks later.