The 21 Oldest Professional Athletes Still Playing in 2018

When they were just rookies, they never could've predicted they'd still be playing in 2018. Yet here they are, battling against guys half their age.

Oldest Player in the MLB: Bartolo Colon

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Oldest Player in the MLB: Bartolo Colon

It's not often the oldest player in a sport also happens to be one of the largest.

Many big dudes simply don't hold up all that well over the long haul, largely due to the increased pounding their size places on their joints.

Yet Bartolo Colon defies convention.

The 45-year-old Texas Rangers pitcher is the oldest player in the MLB. He's also listed at 5-foot-11, 285 pounds.

While Colon won't be winning any bodybuilding competitions anytime soon, there's no denying his ability. The man they call "Big Sexy" is still getting hitters out in his 21st MLB season.

There's reason to believe Colon may be calling it quits soon, though. Minnesota Twins pitcher Ervin Santana, a former teammate of Colon's, told the Pioneer Press that Bartolo just needed to reach 246 wins to be at peace with retirement.

He accomplished the feat on August 7th, 2018 during an 11-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners.

The win allowed Colon to surpass Dennis Martinez's MLB record for most wins by a pitcher from Latin America.

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