The 21 Oldest Professional Athletes Still Playing in 2018

When they were just rookies, they never could've predicted they'd still be playing in 2018. Yet here they are, battling against guys half their age.

Victor Martinez

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Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez is a professional hitter.

He's barely played in the field since 2009 due to a series of lower-body injuries, yet he's been able to stick around as a productive designated hitter.

The 39-year-old Martinez is a career .295 hitter with 1,163 career RBIs under his belt.

He's also got five All-Star selections and two Silver Slugger awards to his name.

His 2,126 career hits to date ranks eighth among active MLB players.

Martinez has expressed that the 2018 season will likely be his last, meaning baseball could soon lose one of its sweetest swings.

Photo Credit: Leon Halip/Getty Images

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