The 21 Oldest Professional Athletes Still Playing in 2018

When they were just rookies, they never could've predicted they'd still be playing in 2018. Yet here they are, battling against guys half their age.

Oldest Player in the NBA: Vince Carter

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Oldest Player in the NBA: Vince Carter

Nearly 20 years ago, Vince Carter became a household name thanks to his gravity-defying slam dunks.

While he might not be throwing down with quite the same gusto two decades later, he remains a useful NBA player.

At 41 years old, Carter is the oldest player in the NBA.

His veteran leadership and versatile game have helped him find a roster spot year after year.

While there's no one secret to Carter's longevity, he spends a ton of time on recovery and believes a strong core is essential to his resiliency.

Like Colon, Carter could soon hit the dusty trail—he's gone on record saying he'll play next season, but he's also "90 percent sure" that will be his final go-around. 

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