The 21 Oldest Professional Athletes Still Playing in 2018

When they were just rookies, they never could've predicted they'd still be playing in 2018. Yet here they are, battling against guys half their age.

Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol has had a remarkable career.

His accolades include two NBA Championships, six All-Star selections, and an NBA Rookie of the Year award.

He's also won three Olympic medals as a member of the Spain's national basketball team.

The 38-year-old Gasol has remained remarkably effective since he first debuted in the NBA in 2001.

The Spaniard has yet to have a season where he's averaged less than 10 points per game.


He also boasts an impressive .508 career field goal percentage. Gasol's gone on record as saying he'd like to play into his 40s.

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images 

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