The 76ers Kicked Off Their Offseason Training With a Workout at the Art Museum

Watch the Philadelphia 76ers use an art museum as the location for an outdoor offseason workout.

The Philadelphia 76ers kicked off their offseason training by taking to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art or an outdoor strength and conditioning workout. Joined by the Philly Police Department and led by 76ers head strength coach Todd Wright, the team ran through a series of exercises as part of a full-body workout.

The 76ers are in the process of rebuilding and have a collection of young, talented pieces in place with the opportunity to add another to that group with the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft on Thursday night.

For a young team that is building for the future as are the 76ers, player development on the court and in the weight room is going to be an important factor in determining their success.

Check out their workout below to see how these pros have been training this offseason.

The Workout

Hands-elevated Mountain Climbers with Hold


76ers workout


76ers workout

Feet-elevated Pushups

76ers workout

ViPR Carries with Partner

76ers workout

Overhead Sandbag Slams

76ers workout

Side-to-Side Med Ball Slams

76ers workout

ViPR Clean to Overhead Press

76ers workout

These exercises provided a good workout and a nice change of scenery for the 76ers' squad including fourth-year player Nik Stauskas. "I think it's great to have the whole team here," he said. "I don't think there's many teams in the league that are doing what we're doing right now. It's just great to build team chemistry and have fun doing things outside of the basketball court."