The Best Sports Video Game of All Time Tournament: Round 1, Part 2

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We're enlisting the help of STACK readers to help us determine the best sports video game of all time. Catch up with Round 1, Part 1, and don't forget to vote for your winners on the STACK Facebook page or tweet us ( @STACKMedia ). On to Round 1, Part 2!

FIFA Soccer 12 (3) vs. EA Rugby 2008 (30)
The FIFA franchise is a sports video game titan, and each year's edition shoots right to the top of the best-selling games on the market. FIFA 12 is more polished than ever before, so it's a no-brainer for the bracket. The underdog taking on FIFA, Rugby 2008, might make a good showing. (But let's be honest; this is probably a bye for FIFA.)

MVP Baseball 2005 (7) vs. Super Tennis (26)
Back in 2005, MVP Baseball became one of the most-played games in the whole genre. The (then) revolutionary analog bat control made you feel like you were practically on the field. Easy-to-play controls were as addicting as Super Tennis, a scaled-down SNES tennis game from the early '90s. So, which one moves up?

Tony Hawk Pro Skater (11) vs. Top Spin 4 (22)
When the first Tony Hawk title came out, it broke new ground. Skateboarding video games that weren't terrible had been scarce to nonexistent. Since then, Tony Hawk games have become a multi-million-dollar franchise. The game that started it (and almost cracked our top 10) is matched up against another tennis title. Will the realism and simulation-style gameplay of Top Spin 4 be sufficient to knock off the extreme sports superstar?

Mario Kart 64 (15) vs. Ready to Rumble (18)
Is Mario Kart a sports game? Well, we're rolling with the idea that if you're racing, you're playing a sport. Besides, Mario Kart is one of the most entertaining video games ever made. The arcade style also characterizes its Round 1 opponent, Ready to Rumble, a boxing title that features over-the-top characters and, somehow, Michael Buffer's voice and likeness.

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