The Best Sports Video Game of All Time Tournament: Round 1, Part 4

This post highlights matchups in the STACK Gamer Best Sports Video Game of All Time Tournament.

To wrap up the first round, we've got four more match-ups. Catch up with the rest of the first round by viewing Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. To cast your votes, head over to the STACK Media Facebook page. (But we won't ignore your vote if you hit us up on Twitter at @STACKMedia.)

NBA 2K12 (2) vs. Ice Hockey (31)
NBA 2K hit a high point with NBA 2K11, including classic moments from Michael Jordan's career. But the series took another leap forward with 2K12. Polished gameplay and animations made the title even better, and NBA 2K12 set a new standard for basketball video games. It takes on another classic—a hockey game from way back, Ice Hockey. Is the super-simple gameplay of the NES relic enough to take down the best basketball game on the market?

MLB 11: The Show (6) vs. Madden 99 (27)
The Show has become the benchmark for baseball simulation video games, using a broadcast-style graphics package and extremely deep gameplay to set the bar high for other titles in the genre. Its first tournament opponent is the first Madden game to include franchise mode, a groundbreaking addition to the million-dollar series. So, which game moves on?

Super Punch Out! (10) vs. Track and Field (23)
When you think about games with intense fun factors, you have to consider Super Punch Out!. SNES's take on the original Nintendo classic featured cartoon boxers in an over-the-top version of the sport. Track and Field is a  throwback title that reminds us how far video games have come. Punch or run?

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (14) vs. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (19)
Does it get any better than the NBA Jam games? The Tournament Edition featured updated rosters and two-on-two arcade basketball action, which addicted an entire generation to announcer catch phrases like "He's heating up!" Jam goes up against the Tiger Woods title from 2005, which was a solid game in its own right.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock