Your Weight Room's Best Training Equipment

Learn how to use each piece of training equipment in the weight room to become a better all-around athlete.

It's likely that your weight room contains a variety of training tools. Making sense of how each one fits into your program can be challenging, particularly if you're trying to keep your workouts short and efficient. Learn more about the benefits of each tool and how they can make you a better athlete.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to perform entire workouts with a single piece of equipment. The inherent instability of suspension training constantly engages your core to build strength and stability through every move. You can significantly alter the difficulty level simply by adjusting the angle that you perform the exercises—making the TRX system a perfect tool for both beginners and advanced athletes.


A kettlebell isn't just another weight. The uneven load distribution forces your body to constantly engage throughout a movement to keep it controlled, which offers an additional challenge over dumbbells. You can perform standard dumbbell exercises with kettlebells, but the bells shine brightest in Olympic lifts and swinging exercises. These build strength and power while conditioning your body, since you are always in motion.


Physioballs are now in nearly every weight room on the planet. Use them to add an extra layer of instability to core training and other exercises like the Push-Up and Dumbbell Press.

TRX Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is the new kid on the block. This unusual device places an asymmetric load on your body so your core is forced to engage and stabilize for every movement. Performing athletic movements with the Rip Trainer is a great way to develop strength, power and endurance that can be applied to the field.

Airex Pad

This simple tool can add instability to any exercise. Stand on the pad when performing a Split Squat or even a Biceps Curl to improve balance and stability and get more out of your exercise. Don't use an Airex Pad for heavy lifts, since increasing instability reduces the amount of weight you can safely lift.

Med Ball

Medicine balls are used to add resistance to core exercises and instability to Push-Ups. However, they truly shine in dynamic athletic movements, like Med Ball Rotational Throws and Med Ball Slams, since these directly mirror movements performed on the field.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have a plethora of uses in the weight room. They can be a primary training device for nearly any exercise, but they excel for increasing  joint stability. They can also provide assistance for exercises like Pull-Ups, and they can add varying degrees of resistance to standard exercises like the Bench Press and Squat.

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