The Brutal Full-Body Strength Workout is Only for the Strong

This full-body strength circuit is perfect for building muscle and burning fat fast.

"Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee." —Muhammad Ali

You've heard the great Muhammad Ali say that, right? He used this approach in the ring to absolutely punish his opponents with speed and finesse. Well, I took his approach and created a full-body strength circuit that's perfect for building muscle and burning fat fast!

This full-body strength circuit is easy to set up, and it's based on a simple idea. You pair two exercises that work the same muscle group. This makes the muscle work in hyper drive and leads to a lot of muscle breakdown (that's what we want!)

But it's not a normal superset.

You start with 40 seconds of a slow movement where you really focus on the negative (on the way down). Right after that, you go immediately to a fast and "sprint"-type energy using the same muscle group but a different move.

Pretty simple right?

Here's How to Do It

  • 40 seconds slow with the first movement
  • No rest
  • 20 seconds fast with the second movement
  • Rest 1 minute then move on to the next set of moves
  • Repeat this circuit 3 times!

The Moves

  • BACK (Slow) Slow Pull-Ups X 40 seconds to (Fast) Dumbbell High Pull X 20 seconds
  • LEGS (Slow) Goblet Squat X 40 seconds to (Fast) High Knees X 20 seconds
  • CHEST (Slow) Dumbbell Bench Press X 40 seconds to (Fast) Push-Ups X 20 seconds

The first round of this full-body strength circuit won't be too bad, but as you get into rounds 2 and 3, your muscles will be fatiguing big time. Keep fighting the slow portion of the moves and you will see some big time gains, both in your form and in your performance!

Chase It!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock