The Choice That Made Sammy Mead a Soccer Standout

She's on a top SoCal club soccer team and she's getting looks from top colleges—all based on a decision she made in 8th grade.

"It's just a two-field complex," Mead says of the park. "The grass there isn't really nice, and people put a lot of holes in it. Sometimes it's extremely crowded, with football, softball, baseball or soccer teams needing to use different parts of the field. I would just be off in a corner doing my own little thing. Then there are times when no one else is on the field and I'd just be there by myself."

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She stuck with her two-hour-a-day workout habit throughout the summer, adopting a "no days off" philosophy. When soccer season arrived, Mead was playing well enough to earn a coveted varsity spot at San Dieguito High School Academy.



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