The Customizable New TRX Pro, Tested

The TRX PRO Suspension Trainer takes the same TRX you know and love and makes it even better.

The TRX might be one of the best fitness tools money can buy.

It's simple, it's safe and, most importantly, it's effective.

If you've used a TRX Suspension Trainer before, I'm preaching to the choir. If you haven't ever used a TRX, here's a quick primer. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your own body weight to allow for a huge number of different exercises and dynamic difficulty.

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Elite athletes like Drew Brees, Antonio Brown and Kevin Durant include TRX exercises in their training. Now, one of the best fitness tools in the world has gotten even better. In the company's own words, the TRX PRO Suspension Trainer is their "most innovative product so far."

TRX Pro Kit

The TRX PRO Suspension Trainer is largely the same fitness tool you already know and love. It's durable, it's easily adjustable and its design features (such as an attachable door jamb) make it easy to use almost anywhere.

However, two new additions stand out with the PRO.

Perhaps the most important are the adjustable foot cradles. In previous TRX iterations, the foot cradles were one size and one size only. This presented an issue for many people with small feet or those who like training barefoot, since their feet would often slide right through the cradle. The issue was so prevalent in previous versions of the TRX that the company released a video on the topic in 2011.

The TRX PRO allows you to adjust the size of the foot cradle (via a velcro strap) to fit your own foot size, making exercises like Rear-Foot-Elevated Lunges or Plank-based moves much more comfortable. I have fairly large feet, so I didn't have much trouble with the old foot cradle, but I still found the adjustable one significantly more comfortable. As the company stated in a press release, "the new adjustable foot cradles are so evolutionary because they can adjust for different size feet, so TRX PRO can accommodate tiny or massive feet."

TRX Cradle

The second notable improvement are the anti-microbial handles. "Brand new anti-microbial handles fight off germs more easily and efficiently than the old TRX handles," the company wrote. If several people are using the same TRX, that could be a useful feature.

The TRX PRO Suspension Trainer is not a massive step forward. That statement is more of compliment to the original design than a knock against the PRO. The original product was so effective and intuitive that it arguably left little room for improvement. But the TRX PRO takes a great product and makes it even better. If your TRX is getting worn out or you're someone who has frequent issues with the foot cradle, it might be worth making the upgrade.

The TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit is available at for $249.95.

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