The Dallas Cowboys Are Using a Technologically Advanced Football to Prevent Fumbles

The High and Tight training ball alerts players when it's not being carried properly.

Turnovers cause football teams to lose games. Fumbles and interceptions not only give the defensive team possession of the football, they also deflate the energy and motivation of the offensive team. So eliminating turnovers should be top priority for any team.

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The Dallas Cowboys are using new technology called High and Tight to reduce fumbles by their running backs. The football has a sensor inside it, and when the ball is in contact with the runner's body at the proper angle, the ball emits a  whistle. No whistle, no good.


Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott is a big fan of this technology. He told ESPN, "When you have the football in the perfect position with all the points covered and tight to your body, it sings to you. When it stops singing, you know you're doing something wrong. So you want to make sure it's singing the whole time. Those balls just came out this year, so it's a new ball that I've never worked with. At Ohio State, they had bats instead. They used to hit us with bats, so I like this better."

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The High and Tight helps ball carriers perfect the five points of contact, referring to the five points where a football touches a runner's body when it is carried correctly. Too many times, running backs let the ball hang loose and out from their body, resulting in fumbles. The technology fixes this and should help the Cowboys and running back coach Gary Brown meet their goal of preventing fumbles entirely.

"We want to make sure our No. 1 goal is ball security this year," Brown told ESPN. "We don't want to fumble the ball, not one time."

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