The Full-Body Squat Rack Workout

If you have access to a squat rack, you can follow STACK Expert Kedric Kwan's guide for a quick, full-body workout.

The squat rack can be used as an amazing tool to get in an efficient workout, especially when equipment and space are limited.

As the name implies, the squat rack can be used to squat, but it isn't limited to one exercise. With a little creativity, you can get a full-body workout without having to move out of the rack.

My favorite workout to perform in a squat rack is a simple barbell complex. Barbell complexes are great time savers, and they help kickstart your metabolism to torch fat and build muscle. Most racks have pull-up bar attachments, and they can also be used to help you give yourself a great workout.

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Here's a quick variation of the complex you can try, comprised of 5 exercises:

  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Power Cleans
  • Front Squats
  • Barbell Bent-Over Rows
  • Pull-Ups

The exercises are sequenced to facilitate easy transitions from one exercise to another. Each exercise is done for 8 repetitions. Here are the guidelines.

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  • Set the safety pins between your ankle and your knees. The bar should begin resting on the pins.
  • Perform 8 reps of RDLs. On the last rep, without dropping the bar, transition into a Power Clean.
  • Perform 8 reps of Power Clean.
  • Perform 8 reps of Front Squats without putting the bar down. Once completed, set the bar back on the pins.
  • Push your hips back and get into a bent-over position. Perform 8 Barbell Bent-Over Rows.
  • Perform 8 Pull-Ups.
  • Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat for 2-4 sets depending on your ability.

Feel free to throw in some Bicep Curls for that extra arm pump.

When you're done, you will have given yourself a good workout within the limited space of a squat reach.

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