View With Your Crew: 'The Grandmaster'

Watch out for "The Grandmaster," a Chinese martial arts flick about the Ip Man, due in theaters later this summer.

The Grandmaster

The Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts drama The Grandmaster, starring Tony Leung, is headed to American theaters Aug. 23, 2013. The film, which has already seen a lot of success after premiering in China this past January, depicts the exciting life of Wing Chun, grandmaster Ip Man who trained Bruce Lee.

This biographical action saga is told largely in flashbacks. The story really picks up when Ip Man is challenged by northern China martial arts master Gong Yutian. In a strange twist, the fight between the two turns out to be an exchange of philosophical ideas. After establishing his reputation by defeating Yutian, Ip Man continues his journey to Hong Kong, where he faces enormous competition from other martial arts masters.

The film has been lauded for its visually stunning combat scenes. A scene in which Ip Man fights dozens of combatants in the rain is especially impressive.

Check out the original Chinese trailer below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock