The Grossest Pregame Meal of All Time Goes to Former White Sox Shortstop Alexi Ramirez

Never eat Alexi Ramirez's culinary creation.

For eight years, Alexi Ramirez was a staple in the Chicago White Sox lineup. The Cuban native arrived in the south side of Chicago in 2008, and he promptly batted .290 and hit 21 home runs. That would become a fairly typical line for Ramirez during the rest of his career with the Sox, with the lanky shortstop showing off surprising power and driving in close to 70 runs per year.

Ramirez was remarkably consistent on the field, and he was equally consistent with the horrible, godawful pregame meal he made for himself before trotting out to the diamond to engage in physical activity. According to White Sox general manager Rick Hahn, Ramirez's monstrous creation involved a couple of Krispy Kreme donuts and (vomit) mayonnaise.

"When we had his debut in Cleveland, his Major League debut, he pre-gamed with two Krispy Kremes with mayonnaise in between," Hahn told the Chicago Tribune. "He put them together and enjoyed that for his pregame meal."

Why, Alexi? Why would you take two glorious donuts and destroy their sanctity by oozing mayo between them? I'm literally gagging just thinking about it. And then to go out and play a full nine-inning game? How? We may never know.

Whatever Ramirez is up to these days, let's hope his Krispy Kreme concoction is a habit he's since kicked.


Photo Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images