The Latest LeBron James Jr. Highlights Will Have Your Jaw on the Floor

Is it too early to call LeBron James Jr. a can't miss hoops star? Probably not.

LeBron James Jr.

At this point, it no longer seems like hyperbole to predict that LeBron James's oldest son, LeBron Jr., is going to be a legitimate star. He not only possesses his father's dribbling and athletic abilities, but his court vision and passing skills are quickly developing into the same kind of weapons that his father displays on a nightly basis.

With his Akron-based Blue Chips team, LeBron Jr. was at the University of Alabama-Birmingham over the weekend for a national tournament. He, and his younger brother Bryce, were once again all over the court, doing things kids their age should not be able to do—hitting long-range jumpers, putting on dribbling displays on the perimeter and dropping no-look dimes to their teammates.

If we could press the fast forward button and get mini-LeBron to the NBA right now, we'd do it. Something tells us that eventually, that dream will be come a reality.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock