The Look: LeBron James' Professional Style

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LBJ sports as much style off the court as he does on it. His classic look (below) is perfect for getting down to business and representing yourself in a professional manner—e.g., in an interview or a one-on-one meeting with a college coach.

Why it works: The letter sweater and dress shirt go well together, accented by the horizontal striped dark tie to create an overall impression that is  clean, cool and professional.

When imitating a pro's style, use the basics that make the outfit work, but add your own flavor. We put our own twist on LBJ's look by switching up the color palette:

Wear it now: Double-breasted ribbed cardigan, $88,; slim fit stretch-poplin yarn-dyed solid dress shirt, $59.50,; MaCartney-stripe tie, $50,

Where to rock it: Any kind of semi-formal occasion, such as an awards banquet or an at-home visit from a coach


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock