'The Mountain' From 'Game of Thrones' Carries a Weighted Frame That's as Big as a Car

Watch Strongman Hafthór Björnsson carry a ridiculously heavy frame in preparation for the Arnold Classic.

In what is starting to resemble a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, Hafthór Björnsson, who plays "The Mountain" on Game of Thrones, has once again posted a video of himself performing a ridiculous feat of strength.

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This time Thor—as he is appropriately nicknamed—is carrying a frame that appears to be as heavy as a small car. Heck, it might even be heavier than a Smart Car.

According to the Instagram caption, this is The Mountain's last day of preparation for Frame Carries at the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic, which is held in Columbus, Ohio. According to Strongman.org, Frame Carries are particularly challenging because they are often scheduled after several grip-intensive events that fatigue and even damage the hands. So it doesn't surprise us that Björnsson uses straps to protect his hands before he competes next week at the Arnold.

And it doesn't hurt that Thor is training with such heavy weight, given that he is the only person on the Game of Thrones set who can pick up his sword!

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock