The New Must-Have Compression Shorts for Leg Day

Ammo Athletic compression shorts are designed to hold up to intense leg workouts and speed training sessions.

I've never had a problem with compression shorts. I've worn products from several brands, and they all seemed to do the job.

So when Ammo Athletic reached out to STACK about their new compression shorts and how they solved many common problems, I was initially skeptical.

Honestly, I wasn't aware that people had complaints about compression shorts.

But after wearing Ammo Loaded Base Layer Shorts during a heavy lower-body lift, I was pleasantly surprised. The material was extremely comfortable and lightweight, and the shorts fit nicely and offered great support. Most importantly, they didn't bunch up.

AMMO Loaded Shorts

In fact, I didn't notice them much during the lift, which is a good thing. When I'm lifting heavy, the last thing I want to think about is the performance of my compression shorts.

According to Ammo Athletic CEO and Founder Jason Cellura, the fit of the product is designed specifically for athletes or folks who are training.

"We wanted to make something that would fit a little bit more ergonomically," he said. "Our leg holes can fit wider thighs. A lot of times you get these shorts that fit your waist, but if you're a guy who is active on the squat rack, you run into problems with the thigh sizing."

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Durability was also a priority.

"We have experienced issues with the overall comfort and durability from the products from the major brands out there," said Cellura.

Ammo Loaded Base Layer Shorts are manufactured in the United States, constructed from high-grade Italian nylon that is lightweight, breathable, odor-resistant, and most important, more durable than the polyester typically used in other products.

"It all starts with the fabric. Our fabric is a super lightweight Italian nylon. It's not a polyester. It's not only light and breathable, it's nylon so there's more durability," he added.

The triple-stitched waistband and high-strength thread ensure the shorts can hold up to the toughest strength and speed workouts, not just for a few months but for years.

After testing the product for a few months, I was convinced that the durability was as advertised.

Ammo Loaded Base Layer Shorts can be purchased for $34.99 at

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