New York Yankees Recreate a Scene From 'The Sandlot'—And It's Awesome

Several New York Yankees discuss Babe Ruth as they recreate a scene from the movie classic 'The Sandlot.'

The New York Yankees are sometimes referred to as baseball's evil empire. Hey, that's just what happens when you win 27 World Series (with the help of an unlimited checkbook).

But a new video featuring several Yankees players might warm the haters' hearts. In the video, several Yankees stars act out a scene from The Sandlot, the classic 1993 movie about young baseball players. For professional athletes, the Yanks do a pretty darn good job. Shout out to Brian McCann, who nails his Hamilton Porter impressionThe fact that the Great Bambino was a Yankee himself makes the scene even better.

Check out the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock