The Off-Season Training and Motivation Behind Los Angeles Sparks Star Candace Parker's Season-High Night

Los Angeles Sparks star Candace Parker used her off-season training and extra motivation to come back from a 22-point deficit and beat the Dallas Wings.

Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker had a magical performance last night. Coming back from a 22-point deficit, Parker put the team on her back, finishing with 31 points, a season-high 13 rebounds and seven assists to lead the Sparks to an 89-84 win over the Dallas Wings.

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STACK got an exclusive look at the off-season training regimen that helps Parker dominate in the WNBA. In the video above, the three-time All-Star completes a core and lower-body workout. She performs ladder drills to improve her footwork and quickness on the court. She also executes a Dumbbell Lunge, which increases her leg power when she jumps to grab a rebound or block a shot.

Parker's off-season training definitely impacted her rebounding, but her mental state may have been equally important in motivating her performance against the Wings on Tuesday night. Earlier that day, Parker's former coach Pat Summitt passed away.

Candace Parker and Pat Summitt

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To pay her respects to the University of Tennessee's women's basketball coaching legend, Parker wore orange shoes with "Rebound" written on them, and she pointed to the sky after she made her first basket.


In an interview after the game, Parker said Summitt always pushed her to get on the boards. Her high rebounding total might be a coincidence, but Parker said every game for the rest of the season will be for Summitt.


Before the game, Parker tweeted out the recruiting letter that Summitt wrote to her while she was still deciding what college to attend. It was definitely an emotional night for Parker.


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