The Off-Season Workout That Helps Yankees Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Throw 100-Mph Fastballs

Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman is a beast on the mound and in the gym.

Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman can throw serious heat. Since he entered the league in 2010, the four-time All-Star has been a batter's nightmare. The "Cuban Missile" might be naturally gifted to throw unworldly fast pitches, but he also trains hard during the off-season to improve his pitching.

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During Friday's game against the Minnesota Twins, Chapman struck out the side to lock down a Yankees' 5-3 win. Ten of the 11 pitches that Chapman threw were clocked at over 100 mph. The one pitch that wasn't was a 90-mph change-up.


This was not just routine heat. According to Statcast, Chapman threw the top five fastest pitches this year in that one inning. You can't help but feel sorry for the hitters.


During the off-season, Chapman works hard in the gym to become the best pitcher he can be. In the Instagram video below, you can see him performing Cable Flies, which increase his chest strength, and a tricep finisher, Overhead Tricep Extensions and Tricep Pushdowns.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock