The Results Are In: Jason Terry vs. Jameer Nelson in CrossFit Competition (VIDEO)

This post includes video of a CrossFit competition between NBA stars Jameer Nelson and Jason Terry, joined by rapper Jadakiss and celebrity Bill Bellamy.

Last month, STACK told you about a CrossFit competition during NBA All-Star Weekend between Reebok athletes Jason Terry and Jameer Nelson. Now, we've got the results.

Team Jameer, including Nelson and actor/comedian Bill Bellamy, and Team Jet, consisting of Terry and rapper Jadakiss, faced off in a CrossFit 4-event relay competition at the CrossFit FireBase in Orlando.

On the line were more than bragging rights. If Team Jet won, Nelson would have to wear Terry's headband and signature high socks when his Orlando Magic take on Terry's Dallas Mavericks on Friday, March 30. If Team Jameer won, Terry would not be allowed to wear either accessory—and Terry is one of the most superstitious players in the NBA.

So who's going to have to pay the price during this Friday's game? Check out the video below to find out.

Source:  Reebok, The NOC

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock