The Single Best Yoga Pose For Recovery

Rest and recover the best way possible with this single yoga pose.

Savasana was one of the first yoga poses I was introduced to. Literally translated as the "corpse pose," it's quite simple, yet it addresses several variables that influence the body's ability to recover. It heightens your awareness around breathing, focus, scapular position, glenohumeral joint tension, abdominal breathing and ribcage motion.

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If there's one takeaway here, it's that if you're stressed, you're not at rest. Savasana truly defines rest.

One can find rest in a variety of positions, whether through traditional yoga or normal life, from culture to culture; however, if I had to articulate one yoga pose that truly defines and takes rest to a new height, it's Savasana.

Rest in this sense addresses the whole person—body, mind and spirit. It allows your brain to stop thinking and your muscles and joints to recover, and it refreshes your spirit with a burst of energy. Savasana also heightens your sense of bodily awareness. Once you become better aware of your body's movement restrictions, you can adopt specific mobility strategies that will save you both time and energy.

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The best way to reap the benefits of Savasana is to sow the Savasana seed—or, in other words, just do it! Below is a step-by-step video that will guide you to get the most from this pose.

Savasana Benefits

  1. Heightens bodily awareness around breathing, scapular position, glenohumeral joint tension, abdominal breathing, and direction-specific rib cage movement at certain levels.

  2. Encourages muscle relaxation.

  3. Lowers pulse rate.

  4. It's adaptable. You can perform it anywhere: all you need is your body and enough room to lie down.

  5. As a warm-up, it gets you mentally focused. As a cool down, it relaxes your central nervous system.

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