The Softball Dugout Workout

STACK Expert Courtney Hudson provides softball players with a great workout they can quickly perform in the dugout.

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to get a great softball workout, and you can do much more than run on a softball field. Here is a quick workout you can do in the dugout to help build total body strength, speed and coordination. The exercises use the bench in the dugout or bleachers as plyo boxes for a quick, full-body softball workout for your entire team.

Do a proper warm-up; everyone should be sweating by the end. Perform the exercises in order and always do Crunches last before stretching.

Split the team into two groups to make sure everyone has enough room to do the exercises safely.

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Perform as many reps of each exercise as you can in one minute:

  • Group 1: Box Jumps; Group 2, Rest
  • Group 2: Rest; Group 2, Box Jumps
  • Group 1: Depth Jumps; Group 2, Rest
  • Group 2: Rest; Group 2, Depth Jumps
  • Group 1: Toe Taps; Group 2, Rest
  • Group 2: Rest; Group 2, Toe Taps
  • Group 1: Leg Lifts; Group 2, Rest
  • Group 2: Rest; Group 2, Leg Lifts
  • Group 1: Incline Push-Ups; Group 2, Rest
  • Group 2: Rest; Group 2, Incline Push-Ups
  • Group 1: Decline Push-Ups; Group 2, Rest
  • Group 2: Rest; Group 2 ,Decline Push-Ups

For the second round, repeat the entire sequence, performing each exercise for 30 seconds.

Finish the workout with 2 rounds of 1-minute Crunches, following the same work/rest pattern.

Box Jumps

Depth Jumps

Toe Taps

Leg Lifts

Incline Push-Ups

Decline Push-Ups


Note: It's very important to stretch your calf muscles after this workout—and never do a workout without a warm-up.

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