The Time When Hakeem Olajuwon Ate 100 Chicken McNuggets

That's just way too many Chicken McNuggets, man.

Hakeem Olajuwan

Eating 100 of anything seems like an impossible task, especially when you do it while engaged in some sort of physical activity. That's why professional athletes are what they are: members of a superhuman species who do not abide by the laws and rules that govern mere mortals.

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Case in point: former Houston Rockets star and NBA Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon, who, during a five-hour-long commercial shoot for McDonald's early in his career, ate 100 Chicken McNuggets. Olajuwon was instructed to continuously dunk McNuggets into his mouth as if they were a basketball, so Olajuwon obliged...for 100 takes.

Olajuwon ate them like a champ, but it's disconcerting that a staffer was so concerned about his Nugget intake that he thought he might overdose. Turns out Olajuwon was engaging in a real life enactment of  "Supersize Me" before it became a documentary film. Very progressive, Hakeem.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock