Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles' Acquired by Universal and Imagine Entertainment

Universal and Imagine Entertainment now own the rights to Anne Rice's entire 'Vampire Chronicles' catalog.

The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice, has been acquired by Universal and Imagine Entertainment. The deal gives the two studios rights to all existing novels as well as any future novels in the popular series about an 18th century French nobleman who becomes a vampire. The body of work is sizable, with 13 books in the main series, and a new novel, Prince Lestat, due to hit shelves in October. Also included in the acquisition is a screenplay for Rice's novel, Tale of the Body Thief, which was adapted by the author's son, Christopher Rice.

Of course, some of Rice's vampire novels have been made into movies already. The 1994 hit Interview with the Vampire, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, grossed $224 million globally. The 2002 fantasy horror flick Queen of the Damned was inspired by Rice's book of the same name.

One of the producers of the upcoming series of movies is prominent filmmaker Alex Kurtzman. He will re-team with producing partner Roberto Orci. The two men have collaborated on many projects, including the recent hit movies, Star Trek Into Darkness and Now You See Me. They have also signed on to produce the reboot of The Mummy.

The news about Anne Rice's books is one more indication that the vampire craze is definitely not dead. Following the huge success of The Twilight Saga, vamps are still going strong, with TV series like True Blood and a steady stream of films, including Dracula Untold, due out in October.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock