These 4 NFL Stars Are Wearing Customized Cleats to Bring Extra Flash to the Field This Season

All of the best football cleats you need to know about it one place.

The 2016 NFL season is about a week away, which means we can finally focus on the most important aspect of the game: the cleats on the feet of its players. Once lagging far behind the NBA in the fashionable footwear category due to the buttoned-up uniform rules enforced by the league office, NFL players have started to find ways to rock heat on the field, whether it's during warm-ups or during the game. Sometime, they even accept a fine to look good. As we get set for action-packed Sundays, here's what four of the biggest names in the game plan on rocking this season.

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Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs TE

Whether he's dancing in the end zone or participating in his own dating show on E!, Travis Kelce has always been one to stunt. Hell, he once rocked Air Mags as a part of his pre-game outfit. It makes sense then that Kelce goes big with his footwear by using the full capabilities of Nike iD. Kelce told us that he customized a handful of Nike Alpha Field General Elite TD cleats to bust out this season, and that all of them have a nickname. He was nice enough to shoot us over a few.

Golden Arches

These are what Kelce calls "The Golden Arches," and though he's not sure he'll be able to rock them during a game (he's leaving it up to head coach Andy Reid), they're clearly one his favorites.

"They're all gold with white outlines and chrome bottoms," Kelce said. "Super dope."

White Ninja

Another pair Kelce shared with us are the "White Ninjas," which feature an all-red upper with black lines and a black outsole with white speckles.

Kelce has more heat up his sleeve, including a few more pairs of iDs called "Sunday Brunches" and "Space Bladers," which we're pretty excited to get a look at; but for now, the Pro Bowl tight end is keeping the lid on what those look like.

"I've got more some more flames but I need some to be a surprise, ya know?"

We do, Travis. We do.

Joe Haden, Cleveland Browns CB

When Joe Haden signed with Air Jordan ahead of the 2015 NFL season, you knew he would be rocking heat the likes of which we hadn't seen on his feet yet. The Browns Pro Bowl corner did not disappoint. After fighting through an injury-plagued 2015 season, Haden is fully healthy now, and so is his stock of cleats.

Haden has posted a ton of cleat heat to his Instagram account, including the above pair of all-black Air Jordan IX cleats, which garnered lots of attention.

They couldn't quite compare with these black and chrome Air Jordan VIs Haden posted a few weeks later, which are absolutely insane and almost too pretty to actually wear on the football field.

Joe Haden cleat collection

Oh, and don't forget all of these other customized cleats Haden has in a drawer underneath his locker. How does one even choose what to wear every week with a collection like that? Looking forward to seeing all of Haden's picks.

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Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders RB

When we linked up with Latavius Murray earlier this summer to get a firsthand look at one of his grueling off-season workouts, we also got a glimpse at his super clean, customized Nike cleats.

With an all-white upper, a chrome bottom and black accents throughout, Murray's cleats are as clean as they come. He further customized them  by inscribing the phrases "All Things Through Christ" and "We All We Got" below the heel on the inside of the left and right cleat, respectively.

Murray is also looking to debut the above all-black cleats with an aqua-colored "T," which appears to be his new logo, on the tongue.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers QB

Cam Newton's pre-game cleats have become the stuff of legend. Whether he's rocking multiple super hero-themed numbers or simply wearing the brightest colorways possible, it doesn't appear that Newton has any intention to slow down in 2016.

The above cleats have a very cool, Fruity Pebbles vibe, à la one of our favorite pairs of LeBrons ever made.

But those were totally one-upped by the star spangled number Newton rocked during warmups ahead of the Carolina Panthers pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans last week. Newton's warmups are going to be appointment viewing for all of the 2016 season just so you can check out what crazy cleat he's decided to bust out next.

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