This 10-Minute Arm Workout Will Blast Your Biceps and Triceps

No time to get in a full upper-body workout? This 10-minute circuit will beef up your arms.

It's the best day of the week. You get to nail your biceps and triceps and have your arms looking huge! Who doesn't want big arms? Seriously, if you tell me you don't care how your arms look I will just walk away. Stop lying to me.

Then you get a call, or you remember you have to do that thing, or you forgot to call that person. You look at the time and "oh no!" You only have 10 minutes to get an upper-body workout in.

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Rather than get upset that your upper-body day got interrupted, sit down, grab two dumbbells and seriously destroy your arms.

Check it out.

The Biceps and Triceps Crusher Circuit

How to Do It

  • Use two dumbbells at a weight that will allow you to get 15 reps with the last rep as a struggle.
  • Do 1 rep of Seated Bicep Curls.
  • Immediately move into performing 1 Skull Crusher (Lying Tricep Extension).
  • Immediately go back to Bicep Curls. Peform 2 reps.
  • Move right into 2 reps of Skull Crushers.

See where I'm going with this?

You go from 1 rep to 12 reps with no rest!

The accumulation of blood in your biceps and triceps will continue to build as you go, and the reps will get harder and harder as you go. Right around 8 or 9 reps, you will need some rest between reps. That's OK. Take your time and do it the right way.

By no means should you do sloppy reps just to finish this circuit. If you absolutely need to, feel free to go down with your dumbbells.

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If you do these two upper-body exercises the right way, it should take you only 10 to 12 minutes to complete the circuit.

So if your workout gets sidetracked and distractions happen, you are still able to get in a serious upper-body workout.

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