WATCH: This 11-Year-Old Can Match Steph Curry Dribble For Dribble

Who is Noah Cutler, where did he get those handles, and what NBA team will draft him in 8 or 9 years? Watch as he matches every famous dribble made by Steph Curry.

11-Year Old Dribbles Like Steph Curry

Few players in the NBA can even come close to matching Stephen Curry's handles, so the odds are against kids who haven't graduated from elementary school. But Noah Cutler, an 11-year-old from Leesburg, Virginia, is too busy turning himself in to a pint-sized version of the Warriors All-Star guard to hear your nonsense.

Cutler has become something of an internet sensation. The fauxhawked phenom has almost 46,000 followers on Instagram, which is chock full of videos showing off his uncanny ability to copy Curry's lightning quick and sometimes unbelievable handles. In his most recent video, Cutler can be found mimicking, dribble for dribble, exactly what Curry does during the Warriors' pre-game layup line—a dizzying array of between-the-legs and behind-the-back dribbles with just his left hand.

In another vid, Cutler replicates Curry's now famous two-ball dribbling drill, which he performs along the baseline before every game. Then there's Cutler perfectly executing a dribbling display put on in practice by Kyrie Irving, the only player in the league whose dribbling prowess matches Curry's.

His expert handles translate to the court, where Cutler plays in the DMV Jr. Elite league. At the point guard spot, he has doled out crossovers worthy of their own mixtape, even dropping a defender to the floor as he yo-yos the ball back and forth. It appears Cutler also has a decent mid-range game. He reportedly spends two or three hours in the gym every day working on his craft. He's even had the opportunity to work with Johnny Stephene, who has coached NBA stars like Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan and Nate Robinson on their handles.

It remains to be seen how tall Cutler will grow and how the rest of his game will develop. But his out-of-this-world handles give him an incredibly strong start toward achieving his professed goals of eventually playing in college and the NBA.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock