This 20-Minute Workout Will Shred Your Core

You will be sweating, smiling and happy you did this 20-minute bodyweight workout.

Want to shred your core and torch some fat in no time? Try this workout that I put together with Men's Health 2015 Top Trainer Gideon Akande.

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This workout is dead simple. There's no equipment required. All you need is motivation, good music and determination.

Here's how to do it:

  • Set a timer to have a running clock
  • Make sure it will be visible to you at all times
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes
  • Perform each move for 30 seconds
  • Rest: 20 seconds between moves

That's it!

Keep rotating through the four moves until your timer says 20 minutes! You will be sweating, smiling and happy you did this 20-minute bodyweight workout!

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Lateral to Reverse Lunge Combo

This move will crush your glutes and get the sweat going. It's also great for flexibility!

Typewriter to Burpee

Hip flexors, abs and your heart rate will all be screaming after just 30 seconds of High Knees and Burpees.


Pretty simple one, but doing this for 30 seconds will leave your abs screaming!

Kick Through Push-Ups

This is a simple push-up variation that challenges your obliques and upper body big time! Regress with a Kick Through to Knee Push-up if needed.

Be sure to regress where needed. Stay in control, stay safe and break a sweat, baby!

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock