This Amazing 'Upside Down' Dunk By Pro Dunker Jordan Kilganon Will Leave You Speechless

You have to see it.

Professional dunker Jordan Kilganon has major hops. You might not think that a man who's only 6-foot-1 could dunk for a living, but that's what Kilganon does. His height has never stopped him from designing new dunks, and he recently unveiled his latest creation on Instagram—the "Upside Down" dunk.

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It's an incredible move. A partner stands on a ladder holding the ball above the rim. Kilganon runs and jumps, exploding up until his head is level with the rim. He then swings his arms backwards past his head (opposite from how people normally dunk) and drops the ball into the hoop.
You have to see it. Watch the video below.

Kilganon's Instagram is replete with amazing new dunks. When you set the world Box Jump record with a 75-incher, any dunk is possible.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock