Build Elite Hockey Skating Speed With This Simple Drill

This exercise builds lower-body and core strength to improve your skating speed and power.


The One Foot Stride, Two Foot Glide Drill is the next stage of evolution beyond the One Foot Push, One Foot Glide Drill. There is a momentary pause between alternating strides, emphasizing the athletic-ready position. This exercise ensures that skaters maintain a strong core, eliminating energy leaks by keeping their hips and shoulders square facing the direction of travel. The deep core muscles, such as the transverse abdominus and external obliques, must work to avoid rotation during the forward skating stride

Begin the drill by initiating a stride push with one leg, placing the majority of your weight on your glide leg. Upon stride recovery, shift your body weight evenly over both legs, engaging your core and sustaining a two­-foot glide for between 2­ and 3 seconds. Alternate the stride leg and continue the process.

Progress the drill by increasing your rate of speed, or have a coach or teammate call out "left" or "right," reacting to which stride push to take.