This Huge Hit Caused Mississippi State Coaches to End Their Spring Game Early

Mississippi State experienced friendly fire during their annual spring game.

Mississippi State

Spring football games are normally considered light practice for teams to get ready for the upcoming season. The games are light because the athletes go against their own teammates, and they don't want anyone to suffer an injury. But during the Mississippi State's game on Saturday, things got way too real, and then coaches had to end the game early due to a huge hit.

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The offense ran an option play in which the quarterback pitched the ball to running back Bennie Braswell III. Braswell was unable to handle the pitch and was chasing down the fumble when out of nowhere, defensive back Jonathan Abram came in and clobbered him.

Braswell was not ready for contact because he was looking down for the ball, and the hit  it made him fold backwards like a lawn chair. His head smacked the ground and he was very slow getting up.

This kind of hit is rare in spring games, and the injury caused coaches to call the game. Normally, football players don't target their own teammates, but Abram clearly had different plans. Braswell eventually walked off the field and was reported to be OK.