This Is Why You Don't Have a Six-Pack

Pizza Guy and Nate the Neck: two gym guys you do not want to emulate.

For the last six months, you've gone to the gym five times a week, invested every extra dollar in supplements and tried all of the Internet's "workout hacks." The result: Nothing. Not even a one-pack.

Whether you're trying to build a six-pack, lose weight, run a faster 40 or bench more, if you're not achieving your goals in the weight room, you're probably a lot like one of these guys.

Pizza Man

Just as this guy is not going to transform his body by eating pizza and performing half-hearted Crunches, you're not going to get the results you want by spending all your time at the gym as a professional spotter. The gym is not a magical place. If you want results, you have to put 100 percent effort into every rep and push your body further each time you work out. Also, maybe leave the pizza at home.

Nate the Neck

The best thing about this video is that it looks like it's playing at double speed for the first eight seconds. But when someone starts doing Bench Presses in the foreground, you realize our man is moving at super-human speed. If effort were the only thing necessary for results in the gym, this guy would be Mr. Universe. Unfortunately, it's not, and he's not.

Work smarter in the weight room by doing the right types of exercises. Pay attention to form. Follow advice from real experts, not the loud guy at your gym who's always doing Preacher Curls. You can get a six-pack some day as long as you remember that you won't get there through magic or wishful thinking. Work hard, work right and be patient. The results will come.

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