This Johnny Manziel Farewell Video Shows Just How Painful it is to be a Browns Fan

This video documents every high and low from Johnny Manziel's troubled career with the Cleveland Browns.

The End of Johnny Manziel, Part 2

If you're a Browns fan, the video below will tear open your still fresh wounds relating to the train wreck that is Johnny Manziel. If you're not a Browns fan, the video will be pretty damn funny to you.

The video, which contains some mature language, was posted to YouTube late last week by a Browns fan site. It documents all of the major Manziel moments, from the thrilling moment he was drafted by the Browns to when the organization finally cut him loose following a half dozen or so transgressions.

It's amazing to recall how much stupidity Manziel was able to cram into his brief Browns career. His flashes of brilliance on the field make his downfall even more painful.

Depending on your allegiance, either laugh or cry during this seven-minute ode to idiocy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock

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