This Super Simple Recipe Helped Noah Syndergaard Put on 17 Pounds of Muscle This Offseason

Syndergaard's 'Bowl of Doom' helped him bulk up in a hurry.

As you may already know, Noah Syndergaard managed to put on 17 pounds of muscle this offseason.

Syndergaard was a pretty yoked dude last season, so that's no small feat. The 24-year-old New York Mets ace told reporters he expects the extra muscle mass to add zip to his already intimidating fastball (which averaged 97.9 mph last season) and improve his durability.

To put on that much muscle that quickly, you've got to be on point with your nutrition. According to Syndergaard, one meal in particular helped him bulk up—"The Bowl of Doom."

The Bowl of Doom is a secret menu item at Kozy Kitchen, a restaurant in Dallas. It's become a favorite of Syndergaard thanks to its potent muscle-building powers. "[It's] primarily what my diet consisted of this offseason," Syndergaard told Newsday.

So, what's in this thing? Newsday has the details:

It consists of sweet potato hash, half an avocado, two eggs and a choice of protein ranging from wild salmon to rib-eye steak. But Noah Syndergaard prefers his with applewood smoked bacon, venison and buffalo.

Sounds pretty good, right? The dish is extremely high in protein and contains a significant amount of other crucial nutrients such as fiber and carbohydrates. It's interesting that Syndergaard incorporates venison into the dish. Vension (deer meat) is extremely lean but packed with protein, boasting 34.5 grams per 4-ounce serving.

If you're looking to pack on some muscle, you can make your own Bowl of Doom at home. Just make sure you're also hitting the gym hard so you're making the most of all that protein and carbohydrates.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock