This Victor Oladipo One-Handed Alley-Oop Is a Thing of Beauty

Victor Oladipo shows why the Orlando Magic can smile about their future.

Victor Oladipo

A couple of weeks ago, we pointed out how much the Orlando Magic's young players run the floor during a typical NBA game. Plays like the one below show you why they still rank second overall in distance run.

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Magic guard Elfrid Payton, who has one of the top five hairstyles in the league, jumps a crosscourt pass from Kevin Love meant for Matthew Dellavedova and is off to the races. With no defenders between him the basket and teammate Victor Oladipo on his right flank,  Payton tosses up a perfect alley-oop to Oladipo, who floats in the air for a moment before throwing it down with one hand.

The speed and athleticism and speed on display here is part of what makes the Magic such  an exciting team to watch this season. Although they lost the game to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the future is bright down south.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock