3 Tips For Playing Better Volleyball Defense From Beach Volleyball Coach Sergio Rios

Become a better all-around volleyball defender with three tips from beach volleyball coach Sergio Rio.

Good defense is just as important as good offense in beach volleyball. In the video above, volleyball coach Sergio Rio of Club Med Academics in Sandpiper Bay, Florida, offers three crucial tips to help you master volleyball defense.

The first tip is to stay low in your stance. This will not only keep you in an athletic position, it will also help you move out of your stance faster. It is important to stay low to the floor.

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The second tip for successful defense is to beat the ball to the spot. When you make contact with the ball, you want to be in a good defensive stance and stopped. This helps you have good balance when hitting the ball, which results in a better return or set.

The final tip is to make sure you get under the ball. This gets the ball in the air when you're hitting it to a teammate.

Follow these three tips to become a better all around defensive player in beach volleyball.

Volleyball Defense

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