Thursday Tech Roundup: ePulse2 Heart Rate Watch

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Tracking your heart rate during endurance conditioning or weight lifting can help maximize your training by ensuring that you consistently challenge your body. Many different heart rate monitor options are available, but most rely on a chest strap that sits directly under the pecs, relaying the heart's beats per minute to a watch. This device is effective, but can be uncomfortable and obtrusive.

Impact Sports Technologies decided to take a conventional heart rate monitor and combine its two components into one low-profile package to form the ePulse2, "the world's first strapless, armband heart rate monitor and calorimeter."

Designed to be worn on the high forearm, the watch features a crystal-clear OLED display—found on many smartphones—for easy viewing day or night, and is powered by a rechargeable battery. To track your heart rate, the ePulse2 uses a built-in light sensor, similar to a hospital heart rate monitor, to read the pulse in your forearm. The ePulse2 has been found to produce consistent results when compared to the standard chest strap design, helping to validate the accuracy of this new technology.

The ePulse2 automatically calculates your minimum, maximum and average heart rate during a workout, and it helps you stay in your target zone. It also uses your heart rate, along with your height and weight, to provide an estimate of calories burned during activity. You can set a target of calories you'd like to burn, and the watch will count down until you reach your goal.

The ePulse2 includes standard stopwatch and split-time features, rounding out this high-tech and versatile training accessory.

More information about ePulse2 [$149.99], including where to buy, is available at Impact Sports.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock